— Machinery & Services —



PIMS is the largest equipped pump repairer and installer of wide scale irrigation systems. They have mobile workshops, trucks, cranes, backhoes, trenchers and a specialist bore service available. All vehicles are supported by PIMS at it’s own work shop, storage and sales centre in Mareeba and are equipped with two way radio communication to base.


Most large scale irrigation in the Far North has been installed by PIMS. Not only are they the only provider with adequate equipment but are also the market leader in design and installation expertise.

Workshop/ Maintenance

After installation, the majority of our clients also choose to engage PIMS for ongoing servicing and maintenance. All maintenance and repairs are performed in a well equipped workshop. Field service and emergency pick up is available seven days a week throughout the year.

The commitment to after sales service and supply of spare parts guarantees our clients that down time is kept to a minimum.

Bore Testing

PIMS provides Bore testing in accordance of Australian Standard AS2368-1990′.

The testing comprised of four sectors, including:
  • A Brief Trial Pumping
  • A four Stage Step draw down Pumping test
  • A 100 Hours Constant Rate Pumping Test
  • A Recovery Test

Bore Cleaning

PIMS provides bore cleaning and rehabilitation services to allow old or long term unused boreholes to function normally. They blow out and, if required, treat the bore to ensure it is back to a usable state.